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How many times have you been
told to do what you love?

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My guess is that you've been told this your entire life.

Your parents told you this, your school teachers, advisors, family members, and everyone else in your life who thinks they know whatss best for you.

The problem is that the thing that YOU really love to do: Playing videos games, is not exactly their idea of having a real future. But.....

The TRUTH is times have changed. There's a new, booming industry with jobs that pay salaries a heck of a lot more than your traditional 9 to 5 jobs that your parents, friends, and everyone else around you flock to, day-in and day-out.

And to be completely honest, with the economy struggling everywhere, those traditional jobs that require college degrees, such as banking, web design, IT, management, etc. are all at high risk of being eliminated.

In fact, since the start of the recession, we're willing to bet that by now, you know someone who has either lost their job, looking for work now, or are nervous about what the future holds for them.

The sad part about it is that there are millions of other people along with them, who are out looking for jobs right now in the traditional sectors. But companies just aren't hiring right now.

But for YOU, becoming a video game tester, the door is wide open because.....

There's Still a Huge Demand
for Video Game Testers

Check out these stats: According to The Entertainment Software Association, on average, an astonishing 9 games are sold every second, every day of the year.

Now that's a lot of games being sold. But remember what we told you earlier: All of these games have to be tested prior to their release, so it's easy for you to see that with all of these games being sold, there's a shit load of testing that has to go on, which is why the video game industry is in desperate need of YOU!

Yes YOU...

The guy that sits in his or her pajamas playing video games all day long

The person who is constantly harassed by loved ones telling you to get a job
and stop wasting your time playing games

The person who really wants to actually do what you love to do : Play Video Games

Now you can!

We know that all of this sounds great, but if you're like most people then you're probably asking yourself............

Why would anyone pay you to Test Games?

Because it saves a great deal of money for companies like EA Sports.

Here's how: If EA Sports releases a game to the general public and there are lots of bugs in it, they lose profits in three ways.

First, they lose money on returns and reissues.

Second, they lose money because some gamers will avoid purchasing future game releases from them.

Third, they lose referrals that would have spread from one satisfied gamer to another. And in order to make sure this doesn't happen, they rely on video game testers like YOU to find glitches and problems within their video game.

In exchange for doing so, they reward YOU quite well, which leads us to what you really want to know:

Believe it or not, these are the companies you can end up playing games for.

    • Acclaim Games
    • Activision Blizzard
    • Aventurine SA
    • Agetec
    • Akella
    • Alten8
    • Aspyr Media
    • Atari
    • Atlus
    • Bethesda Softworks
    • Big Fish Games
    • Boonty
    • Disney Interactive Studios
    • Bungie
    • Capcom
    • Cdv Software Entertainment
    • City Interactive S.A.
    • Codemasters
    • Conspiracy Entertainment
    • Crave Entertainment
    • Eidos Interactive
    • Deep Silver
    • Destineer
    • Electronic Arts
    • Epic Games
    • First Star Software
    • Funcom
    • Got Game Entertainment
    • Her Interactive
    • Ignition Entertainment
    • Interplay Entertainment
    • inXile Entertainment
    • JoWooD Productions
    • Kemco
    • Konami
    • Legacy Interactive
    • Linux Game Publishing
    • LucasArts
    • Matrix Games
    • Mercury Games
    • Merscom
    • Microïds
    • Microsoft Game Studios
    • Myelin Media
    • Namco Bandai
    • NCSoft
    • Neoact
    • Nintendo
    • O~3 Entertainment
    • Paradox Interactive
    • Phantom EFX
    • PlayFirst
    • Playlogic Entertainment
    • Play Ten Interactive
    • PopCap Games
    • Rising Star Games
    • Sega Sammy
    • Shrapnel Games
    • SNK Playmore
    • Spell Bound
    • Sony Computer Entertainment
    • SouthPeak Interactive
    • Square Enix
    • Stardock
    • Strategy First
    • Take-Two Interactive
    • Tecmo Koei
    • THQ
    • Ubisoft
    • Valusoft
    • Warner Bros. Interactive
    • Xseed Games
    • XS Games
    • Zuxxez Entertainment
    • Zoo Digital Publishing

How much Will You Get Paid as
a Video Game Tester?

The pay varies from company to company, but just to give you an idea: If you're reliable, helpful to the game developers, and develop a reputation as an excellent video game tester, you can make upwards of $80 plus an hour.

Let's punch some numbers:

$80 an hour times 8 hours= A whopping $640 a day

Multiply that by 5 days a week for a total of $3,200 a week

But here's the best part. Multiply that by 52 weeks, which equals $166,400 a year

That's more than many lawyers and doctors make a year!

And if this is what you're looking for.....

You can DOWNLOAD our new, breakthrough video game testing guide to discover the step-by-step way to realizing your destiny as a video game tester.


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I was skeptical at first on how I can earn money playing games, but I thought I have nothing to lose as they have a 60 days money back guarantee anyway. So after 24 hours of signing up I got my first Job. I just followed the instructions on the site and answered the questions that came with the game that was sent to me.

Some of the questions where: What bugs did I encounter while playing the game? What level did the game slow down of freeze? I also filled up a survey and gave my opinions on how it can be a better game. After 7 days I got my first paycheck.

Definitely recommended to all Video Gamers looking to make quick cash or earn a fulltime living playing games. Great Work Guys, Two thumbs way up!!!

Miller J
SanJose, CA, US


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